Sports Recovery by Spring Air

The Amazing Sports Recovery Mattress.  Newly introduced to the World of Bedding, Spring Air has developed this exclusive Sleep Set aimed at the Sporting Person. Our Research & Development team have devloped this unique mattress with Body Revitalization in mind.

Whether you’re walking to work, hiking mountain trails, or racing to the finish line, products made with Holofiber can put power behind your performance and get your body ready faster for the next stretch.

Oxygen, energy and recovery literally define Holofiber, the world’s first responsive textile. It has been clinically proven to measureably increase blood oxygenation. Amazing? Absolutely. Never before has a textile been able to interact with the energy level of the human body, building strength, improving circulation and accelerating muscle recovery. With increased oxygen, muscles can work better, recover faster, avoid painful cramping. think about this the next time you need to stay the course. From head to toe, Holofiber can improve energy every step of the way.

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