Does Briody manufacture environmentally friendly products?2016-08-31T09:39:34+01:00

Almost all of the products across our ranges conform to green standards. We use exclusive soft-knit, organic cotton and soya bamboo fabrics with cotton fillings which are hypoallergenic. Ventilation also plays a huge part in the hygiene of our mattresses.

What is the lead time for Briody mattress products?2016-08-31T09:39:14+01:00

10 days maximum from date of order for standard sizes

What are the different types of spring systems available?2016-08-31T09:38:52+01:00

There are essentially 2 types of Spring Unit. The Bonnell or Open Coil system and the Pocket Spring system. Witnin the Briody group we use different types of bonnell spring depending on mattress quality. As a rule the Bonnell system will contain 300-400 conjoined springs of a gauge 12-13.5 (Firm-Softer). The Pocketed system will contain 1400-1800 individual springs which mould and contour as weight is applied.

What is the best mattress for me?2018-04-11T16:30:14+01:00

This is purely a matter of personal choice. Take time to try the mattress in-store and ensure that support of the lower back, knees, and neck/shoulder areas is optimal. This will be very evident once you lie flat on the mattress. Pocket Sprung mattresses with a spring count over 1400 (5′) will adjust to two completely different weights on the same mattress.

I have heard visco memory is very warm. Is this true?2016-08-31T09:38:03+01:00

No. However, As a dense material it can facilitate the creation of a heat barrier between the sleeper and the interior. We at Briody favour the use of organic materials to alleviate this problem. Organic Cotton and Soya Bamboo provide a wonderful cooling effect.

Where are your products stocked?2016-08-31T09:37:24+01:00

We have stockists in most major towns and cities in Ireland. Please ask your local Furniture Store to show you their range of products By Briody

Does Briody use Irish Raw Materials?2016-08-31T09:36:55+01:00

We pride ourselves on providing manufacturing jobs in Ireland. It is also our policy to source as much component produce as is possible locally. We feel this is important for the continued development of the Irish Manufacturing Industry.

Does Visco Memory Foam smell?2016-08-31T09:36:03+01:00

For 95% of people there is no noticeable smell from memory foam. Nevertheless, a small percentage can find the new smell of this dense, oil-based material to be discomfitting. If this occurs we suggest that you leave your new mattress in a room for 24-48hours where air can circulate through the vents. This will clear any smell emenating from within. (Note: Since Briody mattresses are made in Ireland they will usually be in your home within days of being manufactured. The opportunity for a smell to develop is therefore minimal)

How often do I need to replace my base?2016-08-31T09:35:25+01:00

At the very least the base should be replaced at the same time as the mattress. A common misconception is that bases hold support for a longer period than mattresses. This is not true. A base with inadequate support will cause a new mattress to dip in the centre within weeks.

How long should my mattress last?2016-08-31T09:29:18+01:00

This varies according to the quality of the mattress and its fillings. Generally 5-7 years for better quality mattresses.

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